Aiyana B.

Aiyana B. Sitting on rock at a beachI am beyond grateful to have had the chance to experience something that was not only fun but spiritually healing.

I went to Project Koru camp in Maui, HI on May 18, 2019 for a week. We all learned how to surf while we were there. In the beginning, I had a really hard time getting in the water because my nerves were a mess on the first day. I was thinking of all the things that could possibly happen while out there, biggest concern was my “bad leg” and getting seriously injured. On the second day, with the help of some amazing camp staff and campers, I was able to work my way into the water.

While with Project Koru, not only did we surf, but we also gave back to the island by working with Maui’s wildlife reservation. That had to be my favorite day because I felt completely in my element and knowing that I was not only on this island to have fun but to give back was awesome!

Before going to camp, I can’t say that there’s anything that I expected at all, this was a whole new experience that I had a difficult time imagining myself in to begin with. After camp though, I can honestly say my experience went above what I expected at all. I didn’t expect to meet people that not only shared my rare kind of cancer but also didn’t expect to make the family that I did. We all shared such personal stories and experiences and helped each other along the journey. My favorite thing that happened that defined our family was how no one left anyone behind when we were learning how to surf.

To anyone that’s nervous about attending camp: you have every right to be nervous, but just know that the people you will meet and the experience will outweigh any fear you may have. You’ve been through so much in your young life and this camp is the place to put your strength and courage on display!

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