Jessie K.

Jessie K in KayakThis summer I was honored with the opportunity to attend Epic Experience in Colorado. Little did I know, Epic would change me in more ways than one. After my treatments ended, I felt lost with no direction. Through my doctor at Duke, I discovered Epic. I knew I needed this experience to help me move forward past this tough transitional period of my life. For me, Epic was life changing in many ways.

Being able to kayak on the Colorado River everyday, go horseback riding, and enjoy the pure serene scenery surrounding you is truly breathtaking. Most importantly, you are surrounded by people who can connect with you on a level no other support system can. Although I had a great support system, I always had feelings of being lonely and disconnected. Epic transformed me.

You face challenges head on and aren’t afraid because you know if you fall out of your kayak or have hesitation, the river will keep going, just as life will keep going. Epic allowed me to grow and flourish showing me there is life beyond cancer. We all have a direction and purpose; sometimes we have to go back before we can move forward. I was heading backwards before Epic now I am heading forward with my own direction and purpose! I want to thank CHSCF from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to experience Epic. Without your kindness and generosity this would not be possible!


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