MeghanMy name is Meghan and I was diagnosed in December 2012 with a medullablastoma brain tumor. The tumor was successfully removed and I underwent 31 days of cranial and spinal radiation followed by chemotherapy for 14 months. During this time, in June, I attended Camp Mak-A-Dream camp for young adults in Montana. It was gorgeous! It was a very relaxing place set in the beautiful mountains. I met many young adults there who have gone through what I have and it made me realize that what happened to me is nothing compared to some of these people. It made me appreciate life more and look at it a different way. Many of us connected through our journeys and it was a privilege to be surrounded by those who have gone through or is going through cancer. We went horseback riding, hiking, zip lining, had camp fires, swam and participated in so many other activities. It really does help to be around those who share a common background about cancer with you. Cancer is something the person experiencing it can only understand along with those who have gone through it. But it’s experiences like Camp Mak-A-Dream that make one stronger.