Tony H.

I attended Camp Koru 39 on Maui, Hawaii from May 12th to May 18th.

The largest portion of what I did was learn to surf which covered 4 out of the full 5 days of the camp. In addition to surfing, there was points where we all participated in sight seeing, exploring the local towns, and I even exercised in the forms of cross fit style training, and yoga!

One of the best moments was planting new growth at a local sanctuary. I expected there to be the surfing and scheduled events, but what I did not expect is to make deep, meaningful connections like I did. I was also unaware of how mentally cleansing the campfire discussions would be. There were moments of sadness, laughter, and true emotion.

Every day, Camp Koru 39 exceeded my expectations. My personal favorite part was surfing and getting meaningful tattoos with a group of others. A small group of us even got small, matching tattoos in addition to the tattoos we came for.

The best advice I can give is to open up as best as you can, to take in the experiences with a positive perspective, and to really enjoy the time with the others. Absolutely everyone had an amazing personality with different stories to tell.