Base2Summit Camp FAQs

Who is eligible to go to B2S?

Adults who were diagnosed with cancer and are currently between the ages of 18-39, who will be finished with active treatment at least three (3) months before the first date of Base2Summit. Some exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis for those who are living with chronic/advanced cancer.

How much does B2S cost?

Nada! Base2Summit is FREE to attend! Our survivorship programs are all-inclusive which means they encompass airfare, transportation to and from the airport, accommodations, food, activities and gear. You may want to bring along some spending money in case we head into the town.

I’ve been to another young adult camp, can I still come to B2S?

YES! While priority is given to first time participants, we recognize every program is different and a “recharge” is sometimes just what you need.

Is B2S right for me?

If you are a young adult who’s navigated a cancer diagnosis and are ready to spend a week with others like you, then you’re ready for Base2Summit. Be aware the week may include activities that are out of your comfort zone, so we recommend keeping an open mind. It’s time to “find your base and reach your summit!”

B2S honors the 3 tenets: Wellness, Adventure and Connection. What does that mean?

Great question!

Wellness encompasses several things starting with food. We are committed to serving meals that are locally sourced and organic when possible. Each day will have a “sharable” promising to be something delicious and different for you to try. Of course, all meals will take into consideration any dietary restrictions and you will never go hungry! Wellness also includes honoring your spirit. Each day will begin quietly by setting your private intention and end celebrating the day’s accomplishments.

Adventure is both in your attitude and in the day’s experience. Expect to engage in moderate outdoor activities daily. This may include, but is not limited to, hiking, biking, swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, or sailing. Our lodge, as well as our adventures, are in rural locations so be prepared for uneven terrain and unpredictable weather.

Connection involves you and your created community! You are part of a remarkable group of individuals who have walked a similar walk. We expect everyone to honor both the needs of the “one” while respecting the commitment to your community as a whole. In other words, we live by a “common code of respect” for yourself and others in the house.

What are the living arrangements?

B2S is housed on Bass Lake in Northern Michigan. Expect community living, meaning you will share a bedroom with others of the same sex. You will have your own bed in the house but it might be a top bunk. You can always choose to sleep outside under the stars or in a tent any night…watching the sunrise on Bass Lake is something you’ll want to etch into your memory.

How many people are in the house?

We typically have 3-5 staff members and 10-12 participants. The numbers vary but we are very thoughtful when putting the group together.

Everyone needs medical forms; tell me the details for your process.

When you apply, you’ll provide most of the information but we will have a few more questions for your oncologist and will need their consent. After your application has been tentatively approved, you will receive an “invitation” to have your oncologist fill out the final forms. This part of the process MUST be filled out by your primary oncology team and MUST be sent to us directly from them via email or fax. The “invitation” will have specific instructions regarding timelines and deadlines. You will not be given a spot in the house without those forms in our office.

My doctor forms are in and I’m approved, now what?

Congratulations! Expect to hear from our Travel Coordinator to arrange your flight. During the flight reservation process, we will require a credit card on file only to be used if you cancel your trip for non-medical reasons and we cannot recoup the flight cost. (We’ll give you all the formal language in a form when we get to that point). We prefer everyone flies but we know there are always special circumstances. If you cannot fly for medical reasons or live less than a two-hour drive from Bass Lake and prefer to drive, our travel coordinator will work with you to ensure you’re in the house before the fun begins.

Please note: The only ground transportation (not related to daily excursions) we provide is from the airport to the lodge and back.

If you still have questions please call the office (586-322-0991) or email