Young Adult Partners

mittenThere are a growing number of organizations dedicated to helping young adult cancer fighters and survivors. We have grouped these organizations according to what they do below and highlighted those that are in Michigan with a mitten.

The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan Michigan Icon

The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan is a non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure the emotional, social, and financial stability of Michigan patients and families as they navigate their blood cancer journey. Cancer is expensive, both emotionally and financially. BCFM believes nobody should face this journey alone. Master's level professionals personalize critical emotional and financial support services to each patient and immediate family member, allowing them to focus on healing. BCFM supports the patients from diagnosis, through treatment, and beyond, and never discharges anyone from services.

Children’s Healing Center AYA program Michigan Icon

We are a social group of adolescents and young adults (AYA), ages 18-26, with medical conditions that weaken immune systems put by young adults in the same situation. Side by side, we share empathetic relationships in a fun and casual environment. Vita Collective hosts typical social experiences such as game nights, yoga and grill outs as a program of Children’s Healing Center and AYA Movement. We continuously develop a close-knit community of young adults doing life together.

Program for Breast Cancer in Young Adults Michigan Icon

Young adults with breast cancer often feel isolated. Their experience with cancer is unique in that it tends to coincide with other life experiences such as pursuing an education or starting a career. Some are dating while others are getting married or raising young children. A cancer diagnosis for young adults is life-altering and comes with challenges ranging from body image issues to fertility preservation. The program for Breast Cancer in Young Adults has worked with young adults with cancer to develop informative videos and answer frequently asked questions to help other young adults navigate their cancer journey.