CHSCF on Fox 2 Detroit

This July 2014, the Cassie Hines Shoe Cancer Foundation was featured on Fox 2 Detroit, where Chris Hines discussed their family’s mission and his heroic daughter’s legacy. When Metro Detroit high school junior Cassie Hines was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer, she fought back with dignity and grace, continuing to live her short life to the absolute fullest. Her parents attribute her positive attitude and ability to move forward in part to a cancer camp she was encouraged to attend in Montana. Her father, Chris Hines, said about the camp, “that’s where she found the peer support she needed to re-energize her in her battle, giving her at least another two more years of life. And as a parent, there’s nothing I could’ve asked for more than that.” For Cassie, the experiences and support from camp were life changing, it taught her “you have cancer, the cancer doesn’t have you.” Now, part of Cassie’s legacy is to help other kids experience that same joy from similar cancer camps. Her parents started the non-profit organization to honor their daughter’s legacy and to help support young adults with cancer from the beginning of their battle to life beyond cancer.

Their mission is simple: to guide young adults with cancer to social support programs and services that can help them manage their mental healing as well as their physical battle. Each year, CHSCF hosts Sample Camp Day, where young adults with cancer are able to experience what a full week at cancer camp could be like; with adventure challenge activities, team building, peer support groups and more.